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Japanese Artist Sends Bouquet of Flower into Space

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Credits: | Azuma Makato
Azuma Makato, a 38-year-old artist from Tokyo, sent two botanical objects into the cosmos in a pioneering feat to send plant life to the outer space. On a mission called, Exobiotanica, the Japanese received some assistance from his 10-man crew and JP Aerospace in Sacramento to send the bonsai tree and a bunch of assorted flowers into the upper …

First Smart Ceiling Fan Has Brilliant Features

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After decades with no scientific breakthroughs, SenseMe technology revolutionizes ceiling fans with the addition of an on-board computer and sensors into the design. Dubbed as the world’s first smart ceiling fan, these innovative home fixtures are exclusively available on Haiku.
A Mind of Its Own
SenseMe is so advanced, this technology knows when a person enters or leaves …

Edible Gardening Gems for Beginners

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Many people are starting to realize the unique advantages of edible gardening. With the rising prices of some herbs and spices, along with the increasing costs of vegetables, it only makes sense to grow your own food. Apart from your own consumption, planting edibles in your backyard can bring a profitable fruit of labor.
Anyone who has the time, patience, and dedication, can do edible gardening. …