2015 HVAC Efficiency Standards: What You Need to Know

air conditioning unitMost people are under the impression that getting a new air conditioner or heat pump involves nothing more than going to the store. The reality, though, is that there is more to it. You need to know about current HVAC efficiency standards before going shopping. Understanding these criteria will help you find the best equipment for your home that will provide optimal comfort and money-saving benefits.

HVAC Efficiency Standard Changes in 2015

The U.S. Department of Energy announced that new HVAC efficiency standards will be effective come January 1, 2015. In Utah and other states located in the northern region, split system air conditioners must have a 13 SEER; split system, a 14 SEER and 8.2 HSPF; packaged air conditioners, a 14 SEER; and packaged heat pumps, a 14 SEER and 8.0 HSPF.

The standards do not imply, though, that you are required to replace your current unit. If you want to keep your existing AC, you can get the maintenance services and air conditioner repair Salt Lake City HVAC companies offer to make sure that the equipment runs smoothly and efficiently. If the AC you have, though, is already a decade or so old, repairs and maintenance will not make it any more efficient. Consider upgrading.

SEER? HPSF? What in the World are these Letters?

If you are thinking about upgrading to energy-efficient ACs, understand how ratings for energy efficiency. Here’s a quick jargon buster if you have no idea what in the world SEER and HPSF are:

  • SEERSeasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio; this is simply the measure of an AC or heat pump’s cooling output divided by the electrical input. The more cooling or heating the unit gives off for each unit of electricity it uses, the higher rating it will receive. A high rating means less energy, thus lower utility bills.
  • HPSF– Heating Seasonal Performance Factor; this refers to heating efficiency, so it only applies to heat pumps. This is the ratio between heating output over electrical input. 7.4 is the minimum HPSF in 2014, but with the new HVAC efficiency standard, it increased to a minimum of 8.0.

The changes in HVAC efficiency standards offer several money saving benefits. Take advantage of these and be a smart buyer. Understand energy efficiency standards so you can get the right equipment for your home.