Living the Dream

Buying a New House: Mistakes to Avoid

September 25, 2015

With so many properties and houses for sale to choose from, it can be difficult to find which one will exactly suit what you want. It’s a big and important purchase — of course, you […]

The Simple Things

Why You Should Have Safety Glasses At Home

September 20, 2015

Glass is no longer the weak and fragile material many people perceived before. Modern types of glasses can still break into pieces, but the latest advancements in the manufacturing process of glass has allowed some […]

Style at Home

Why Narrow Lot House Plans Work

September 18, 2015

As the world population continues to increase, resources grow scarce. Though Australia, Europe and North America are considered well-fed places, prices of food, water and soil are more expensive. Scarcity in these resources may lead […]

Home’s Safety
The Simple Things

Steel Up: Increasing Your Home’s Safety and Value

September 8, 2015

Home improvement projects can be in the form of room extensions or additions, renovations, and remodelling –all of which bring your home’s function and value higher. But, if what you are specifically looking for is […]

Home Loan

Should You Refinance a Loan?

September 4, 2015

In the middle of your mortgage payment, you may venture into refinancing. This way, your interest rate goes down, giving you a good amount of savings. With a $200,000 fixed-rate credit at originally 6.0% interest […]