3 Additions to Improve Security for Your Business

Man building a metal fenceOne of the most important yet often neglected parts of marketing is how a place of business makes patrons feel safe and secure. You may put a high premium on making people welcome in your store or office but may also forget the condition of your outdoor premises, i.e. the parking lot.

Customers and other businesses are judging you partly based on what they see outside your store. To make sure your premises make people feel secure and comfortable — and so your foot traffic can grow — here are some suggestions:

1. Put a Fence Around Your Premises

Nothing speaks to the human need for security more loudly than a sturdy and properly designed industrial fence. Even if you had roving security personnel, it would be harder for them to monitor your surroundings if you didn’t have a fence around the property.

A fence makes it twice as difficult for crooks to enter premises without anyone noticing, or leave it in haste without being stopped by security. Even if you didn’t have that kind of problem in your area, people will still feel more secure just by seeing your fence.

2. Install Bright Lighting

Many parking lots are devoid of any source of illumination. Others do have some lamps, but they are few and far between or too dim to be of any real help to anyone fumbling with their car keys or being victimized by muggers.

No fence and no bright lights is a criminal’s dream combination. To improve visibility in your parking area, have some LED floodlights installed instead of regular and outdated streetlamps. LED floodlights deliver several times the illumination while consuming a fraction of the energy.

3. Install Cameras

CCTV cameras have been proven effective in preventing criminal activity. They are effective deterrents against criminal elements and capture images that can be used to capture and prosecute those who break the law. While CCTV cameras inside a store help protect the business from shoplifters, outdoor cameras can help protect parking lot users from mugging and accidents.

These three security measures are worthy investments, as they can improve patrons’ trust in your business. More trust equals more traffic. Have a complete audit of your security measures as soon as possible, and keep these suggestions in mind.