3 Health Benefits of Having a Greenhouse

lettuce in a greenhouseIn the past five years, the number of people who grow their own food in their own garden or a communal garden had risen by 35 percent (42 million homes across the US). What’s interesting to note is that the largest group of households who grow their own food are the younger ones. Apart from food savings, there are more reasons to contact a commercial greenhouse builder so you can have your own space for growing your own herbs, vegetables, and fruits. Here are some more health benefits that you can gain if you have your own greenhouse at home.

You benefit from more Vitamin D.

Notice how you feel better just by stepping outside after being stuck all day inside the house or office? Everyone benefits from a healthy dose of Vitamin D, and you can do this when you have to tend to your own garden or greenhouse in your own backyard. In one study, researchers found that sunlight exposure among older adults helped them get enough vitamin D.

You can help keep dementia away.

Older people are more prone to dementia, and it’s important to find ways to exercise the brain in middle age. In another study, findings showed that gardening could lower dementia risk by up to 36 percent, which is an impressive feat. The participants were all over the age of 60 who were monitored for 16 years. So if you have older adults in your household, encourage them to garden.

You can keep loneliness at bay.

Loneliness can be a silent killer, especially among older adults who are already retired. To help cope with retirement, seniors are encouraged to tend to communal gardens or their own greenhouse at home. Having something to do to pass the time is also good for their brain.

Build a Greenhouse Today

Another great thing that you can enjoy when you have your own backyard garden or greenhouse is the abundance of fresh produce that you can plant, grow, and harvest at any given time. Call a builder today and set up your own green space.