3 Ideas for Bringing Your Living Room Back to Life

living roomDoes your living room seem more like a “dead” room to you because it’s boring and uninviting? If it does, don’t fret. A few key changes and additions here and there can bring your living room back to life.

Lighting fixtures

Changing the lighting can instantly create a new atmosphere for your living room. For starters, try experimenting with a combination of different color temperatures. For example, use soft or warm white for your Barovier chandelier and then bright white for the sconces flanking an abstract painting on your wall, suggests Authentic Provence. Also, consider having other light sources like pin lights in the corners or a table lamp for the end table to add accent to your living room.

Furniture pieces

Not only do pieces of furniture serve practical purposes, but they can also lend character to your living area. For instance, having an antique console table displaying an equally vintage record player and vinyl records collection will surely make your living room more interesting. A shelf filled with books can be a great addition as well. Keep in mind, though, that there’s no need to buy new furniture pieces as restoring or repurposing your existing ones can give them a new look.

Decorative textiles

To bring color—both contrasting and matching—to your living room, make use of fabric. The throw pillow covers, for one, can be in a hue that contrasts the color scheme of your living room. A rug can provide contrast as well. On the other hand, you can have your curtains in a shade similar to that of the scheme. Aside from color, however, textiles can also feature patterns, which, in turn, can create the illusion of movement.

Don’t let your living room remain dull and unappealing. Make it come alive again by giving it a new atmosphere and character and infusing some color and patterns into it.