3 Mattress Buying Secrets You Probably Didn’t Know

a girl checking the mattress in the mallIf you’ve ever tried shopping for a mattress, then you are no stranger to the confusion that the process can involve. The varieties seem endless, and settling on the right option can seem like an impossible affair.

Well, here are three secrets guaranteed to make the process much easier for you.

Lie down to test the mattress

If you are buying the mattress at a mattress store here in Salt Lake City, take your time testing whether it is comfy enough for you. Lie down for at least five minutes on your side. Then take another five or ten minutes lying on your back.

Turn on the other side and do the same. Don’t let the salesperson pressure you. If you like how the mattress feels, then you can start the negotiations.

Check the return policy

Checking the return policy is especially important if you are buying online as tryouts are not usually possible. But even if you are shopping at a store, it’s still important to confirm the return policy in case it becomes necessary to return a product after you have bought it.

Some retailers charge a restocking fee, while others offer free pick up should you demand an exchange or refund.

Try to bargain

Unless you are buying from warehouse clubs that don’t typically budge on the quoted price, you should always try to haggle when buying a mattress. Some stores offer discounts of up to half the market price of the mattress during sales. Even if you are buying online, ask whether you can get a discount.

It doesn’t hurt to save some money on your purchase, now, does it?

Buying the right mattress for you does not need to be unnecessarily difficult. Once you master a few secrets of the process, you can walk in and out of the store with the deal of a lifetime.