3 Patio Roofing Ideas

Architectural detail of metal roofingAs more and more people continue to embrace the outdoor/Indoor lifestyles, patios have stopped being home design afterthoughts. Instead, building designers and architects now incorporate the patio structure in the initial layout. 

However, most people find themselves in a dilemma when it comes to choosing the right patio roofing. Just Patios lends a hand by sharing these ideas.

1. Slats for Shade.

By just looking at them, you might instantly dismiss the idea since you do not want your dinner party ruined by rainfall. However, by paying attention to detail of the layout, you will notice that the roofing has a polycarbonate covering above it.

 The slats allow for maximum penetration of light into the patio while the transparent covering keeps away the rain. The outcome of this style of roofing is a warm, stylish and natural look that complements your home.

2. Skillion roof.

What was once thought to be your basic patio roof has now been improved to come up with a more stylish yet simple patio roof. The brighter side of this patio roofing is that you can get as creative as you want. 

For instance, you can choose to place lighting on all the four beams supporting the patio. You can also get flower pots and plants systematically arranged to blend in with the surrounding environment.

3. Aluminium kit patios.

Aluminium patio roofing is an inexpensive yet stylish way of covering up your patio. Unlike the old day aluminum, new aluminium comes with a myriad of benefits. Additionally, multiple roofing styles can be easily achieved since aluminium is versatile and malleable. Although, subtly, aluminium makes your patio elegant and classy and makes it look less congested.

Rather than personally selecting the patio roofing materials, ensure you check with your patio supplier or builder and see the materials available and whether the styles suit your home. With the experience and hundreds of patio ideas at the back of their minds, they will ensure you get nothing but the best.