3 Reasons St. Louis is a Great Place to Live In

st. louis city view
There are many lovely neighborhoods in the U.S. where you can buy or rent the home of your choice. One of its good locations is St. Louis and the surrounding areas of the state of Missouri. There are many St. Louis houses for sale, which you can look up if you are interested.

Here are some factors why this major port is considered great to reside in:

Affordable living

The cost of living in St. Louis is affordable, even if you hold a normal paying job. Even young artists find this city a good place to earn, live well, and hone their skills. Housing is cost-effective and the deals you get are value for money. Its residential architecture is timeless and classic in nature. You can get hardwood flooring, tin ceilings, sturdy brick structure, and much more. You can also get glorious modern apartments close to both the best university in the city and downtown.

Great food and drinks

The St. Louis neighborhood has good restaurants, bars, and streets lined with awesome trees. The bars have licenses to serve hard drinks ’til three in the morning. The dining scene in St. Louis is known for its diversity. On South Grand, you can get some delicious Thai, Ethiopian, and Vietnamese food. The Loop is known for its Middle Eastern cuisine. The city also has many Bosnian restaurants that serve delectable flatbreads, stew, and grilled kebabs.

All-round Greenery

In St. Louis, green grass grows naturally even without the sprinklers being turned on often. The lush climate produces lovely greenery all over, so you can find gorgeous vistas at many locations. Hence, you can find great locations to go camping. The well-known and well-maintained Forest Park also needs to be mentioned here, as it is one of the best parts of the city.

These are only some of the reasons you should consider St. Louis as your next home. Look for a house to live in or if you have the budget, build one from the ground up.