3 Top Causes of Sprinkler System Problems

closeup of a sprinklerAll mechanical systems are bound to experience some problems over time, and your sprinkler system is no different. The good news is that it’s easy to spot the most common of sprinkler problems and fix them or have a home sprinkler repair expert in Utah such as Utah Sprinkler take care of the issue.

Knowing what causes sprinkler problems is the first step in preventing them in the future. If you’re having trouble with your home sprinklers, the following could be the issue.

1. A pipe is damaged

When you notice a gradual drop in the pressure of the water coming from the sprinkler heads, chances are you have a cracked or broken pipe. Another sure indicator of a damaged pipe is a pool of water in your lawn.

Pipes usually crack because of exposure to the elements, changes in ground temperature, or pressure from a car going over them.

2. There’s poor water quality

If you use water from a natural or an unfiltered source, then you risk damaging your pipes. Though the water may look clean to you, it usually contains some fine grains of silt invisible to the naked eye. The sediments build over within the sprinkler system and with time can start to block water flow.

All the savings gotten from using unfiltered water are suddenly lost in repairs.

3. The sprinkler head is faulty

Sometimes, sprinkler heads become blocked or broken, causing irregular or minimal watering. In the worst-case scenario, the sprinkler head stops working altogether. You’ll start to notice dry patches in your lawn or water paddles around a sprinkler head.

A sprinkler repair contractor can examine what might be the issue and recommend readjusting, cleaning, or replacing the problematic part.

Under normal circumstances, a home sprinkler system should serve you faithfully for years on end. However, when an issue arises, knowing what might be the cause can help you fix it promptly.