3 Upgrades for Homeowners Looking to Revamp Their Home Theater

smart tv and hand pressing the remote controlThere have been a great number of technological advancements since the time of VHS and bulky analog televisions. If your current home entertain system feels so out-of-date, then it’s the perfect time for an upgrade. Today there is a plethora of options for home electronics, so you can choose the right setup that fits your needs and budget. If you’re ready to transform your space into your personal theater, here are some serious upgrades you have to consider.

Streaming Media

If you’re still holding on to your blue-ray player or cable box, you’re missing out on the best TV shows and movies of today.  Leading stream media players like Apple TV, Roku 2, and Netgear Neo TV allows any homeowner to have access to their enormous collection of music, movies, and TV series. You can also subscribe to premium video services such as HBO2GO, Netflix, and VUDU for some high-quality content. Home entertainment system experts from avsmetro.com also recommend matching this with a flat-screen TV, and you’ll have a remarkable viewing experience.

Light-Optimizing Screen

Speaking of flat screen TVs, there’s a new version that makes viewing a lot easier even in broad daylight. Turning the lights off or closing off the curtains are finally a thing of the past because high-tech TV sets now feature light-optimizing screens. Their reflective properties provide excellent pictures even in a well-lit room.

Surround Sound Speakers

For the homeowner who wants exhilarating movie experiences, nothing delivers quite like a set of high-quality surround sound speakers. With today’s standards, the 5.1 surround sound is already considered ancient. This time, go for a 7.1-channel audio system for an exciting cinematic experience. This features seven speakers and a subwoofer. This set offers a clear and noticeable improvement to old audio systems.

These are some of the essentials if you’re looking to upgrade your system this year. Plan your upgrades and research to get the best value for your money.