3 Ways to Decorate Your Garden Gazebo

A GazeboWhether you have a small garden or a big one, garden gazebos come in all shapes, sizes, and colours that you will be spoiled for choice. And you can do a lot with them! If you don’t have a garden gazebo yet, call a contractor today and inquire how much it would cost to add this great, additional living space in your home. And here are some decorating tips you can try.

Make it great.

When it comes to decorating your garden gazebo, the sky is the limit. Who says you can’t have a fireplace in your gazebo? Turn it into a great home complete with comfy arm chairs, a small fireplace, lampshades, a coffee table, and even a small bar. It’s a great place to entertain your guests during your cold autumn nights while serving some cocktails to keep you toasty and warm.

Add a swing bed.

Most people add a garden dining set in their gazebos to entertain guests and for some, an outdoor dining experience. But you can also add a swing-bed pergola if you fancy and create that resort-style vibe you’ve always wanted. This is a great option if your garden gazebo is located right beside an in-ground pool.

Enclose it.

One way to make your garden gazebo a start for all season is to enclose it. Similar to a sun room, you can add glass windows, even curtains, to make your gazebo fit for entertaining and relaxing all year room. Enclosing your gazebo also provide some privacy and protection against the harsh elements. This way, you can still enjoy the outdoors.

This additional living space is a great add-on and investment for your backyard. Make that call today and have fun decorating your garden gazebo.