3 Ways to Keep Intruders Out of Your Layton Home

Home SecurityIn the Layton City Police Department’s 2015 Annual Report, they stated a total of 3,232 property crimes; 10 were arson, 13 were robbery, 203 were burglary, 699 were vandalism, and 1,143 were thefts. This means that in 2015 alone, there was one robbery every 28.1 days, one burglary every 1.8 days, and one theft every 7.7 hours. It also entails an act of arson every 36.5 days and vandalism every 12.5 hours.

While the police do their best to bring down Layton crime rates, you too can actively participate in the fight against property crime. Here are three ways to keep intruders out of your Layton home.

Use Sturdy Doors and Windows

First of all, as beautiful as your arched entry doors are, you need them to keep intruders away. When picking out exterior doors and entryways, make sure they have solid door locks and are sturdy enough to keep intruders out while bringing your home’s façade together.

Similarly, replace traditional window panes with stronger ones such as tempered, laminated or bullet resistant glass. Alternatively, you may use polycarbonate or acrylic plastic materials. And since windows are an easy target, you might want to install window bars and locks too.

Invest in Home Security Systems

Second, you could invest in security systems that let you monitor your house even when you’re away. With many choices available, you’ll find one to fit your family and your property’s needs. For instance, you may install a burglar alarm system with motion detectors and door/window sensors. Surveillance cameras are also common.

Build Rapport with Neighbors

Finally, close-knit neighborhoods tend to have lower crime rates, because the community watches out for each other. Get to know the people who live around you so that they can easily alert you — and the police — about suspicious activity, regardless of where you are.

Vigilance and police help go a long way, but these three make your Layton home even safer from property crimes.