4 Essential Steps to Get Your Garage Door to Work for Years

residential homes with garagesOn average, a garage door could last anywhere between 15 and 20 years with a typical price range of $728 to $1,424 for installation or replacement. This duration still depends on how well you maintain it over the course of its service. This is why performing regular inspection and tune-ups are necessary to keep it operating smoothly. To help you in completing this task, here are a few things you could do:

1. Tighten Loose Hardware

Start off by examining the bolts, screws, and other hardware of your garage door. Watch out for any loose or missing components. If you notice misaligned or unattached bolts, have them fixed immediately. Garage door companies in Pittsburgh always advise their customers to subject their doors to a comprehensive and annual tune-up to ensure that it’s in a perfect working condition.

2. Listen & Observe the Door

Look at the way your door closes and opens. If you hear weird and strange sound coming from it, then it’s a sign that something’s wrong with it. Along with the sound, make sure you pay attention to the way it operates. Does its movement look normal or is it different from the way it originally works?

3. Lubricate the Moving Parts

To enjoy a seamless operation on your garage door, it’s necessary to grease up the moving parts. This may seem like a messy job, but the truth is it’ll only take 10 to 15 minutes to finish applying it. Just make sure you’re using the right grease to avoid damaging your door system.

4. Invest in a Good Insulation

Get your garage door ready for all types of seasons by fully insulating it. This step could keep the damp out as well as avoid rust from creeping into the hinges or rollers of your door. It is also important to check that the weatherstrips at the edges of your door are intact to stop cold drafts from getting inside.

Keep the smooth and hassle-free operation on your garage door with these steps. When it comes to maintenance, you just need to be consistent and thorough to ensure it’ll work without a hitch.