4 Possible Reasons There are Water Stains in Your House

Water Leaking PipeFew things are as annoying as ceiling stains, yet they’re bound to show up at some point. As soon as you’re ready to solve the problem, you’ll want first to establish what’s causing it. Here are four potential culprits.

You have a leaking pipe.

A leaking pipe in your ceiling can drip water and cause a stain over time. This happens as a result of aging or changes in temperature. A quick solution to the problem is to have a water damage expert from companies like allhoursplumbingslc.com examine the source of the leak and fix it before you set on working on the stain.

Your roof accessories are leaking.

Many roofing systems have vents and skylights. To make room for them, the contractor cuts the roofing material making the area prone to leaking as they’re not seamless. Water can pass through the penetrations, causing stains around the accessories in particular.

Water is leaking through your HVAC unit.

When your HVAC unit is not properly installed, then one of the resulting problems is leaks around it. But even a properly installed HVAC can leak from the unit itself, and when that happens only an HVAC contractor can help fix the issue. Sometimes, when water doesn’t drain properly from the unit on top of your roof, then you’ll have water stains with time.

There’s roof-flashing failure.

Your roof has pieces of metal installed where there are areas joining together. These pieces are meant to avert water leaks through the joints. If these flashings fail to work properly, then water drips onto your ceiling, causing stains. A roofing contractor should help solve the problem.

Water stains can terribly affect the appearance of your ceiling. By pinpointing the source of the problem, you can address it finally.