4 Reasons that Make Frameless Glass Balustrade a Great Option

Glass BalustradeThe use of frameless glass balustrade has become a classy alternative to wood, iron, and steel. Whether it is that staircase, the porches or the balcony, the frameless glass balustrading is beautifully simple.

Jigsawbalustrades.com.au gives some reasons why you should consider stylish frameless glass balustrade.


One of the most serious considerations when choosing the material of the balustrade, whether it be wood or steel, is the safety guarantee. Further, you will need to know whether the materials meet the Australian Standards. The balustrade expert will make clarifications on this issue. The good news with the glass balustrade is that the manufacturers subject the glass to a heat curing process. The highly tempered glass can withstand massive impacts. If it breaks the shards are not sharp, therefore, lowering the chances of it causing injuries to you. The building code lays down specifications for the required height of the glass balustrade; hence, it’s much safer.


Choosing the best design is challenging but not so with the assistance of companies specialising in balustrades. The experts will provide you with a variety of designs, and you will select the one that best suits you. Assuredly, you will have that design that fits the interior of your office or home. The balustrading professionals specialising in designing and installation will turn your dream home or office into reality.


Without any doubt, glass balustrade is much easier to maintain than those made of steel, wood or iron. The process of cleaning the glass does not take much time as they do not require any painting or sanding with time. The use of a solvent or a glass cleaner will wipe away all the dust and unwanted hand prints. However, you should avoid using strongly based alcohol solutions or those that are acidic in nature. The maintenance of the balustrade also includes its inspection by a structural engineer to ensure all parts are holding together.

Unobstructed View

The frameless glass balustrade has few or no vertical metal reinforcements providing you with an unobstructed view. The unobstructed view of the glass balustrade gives you a clear view of your surroundings. Whether it is your pool or your garden, the scenic beauty of the surrounding area will not be lost. You have an opportunity to spend time outside when seated in your house or office.

Thus, experienced glass balustrade professionals will infuse design, safety, and maintenance of your balustrade to give it a modern finish tailoured to meet your specifications.