4 Steps to Keep the Bed Bugs at Bay

Close-up Shot of a Bed BugAmong all pests, bed bugs are the most difficult to spot. It is not until you’ve been bitten and red rashes or blisters show up that you’ll realize bed bugs have indeed invaded your place. In this case, you’d want nothing more but to eliminate them completely.

To avoid making this a major problem, here are a few methods to deter their growth and infestation in your home:

De-clutter Your Space

The first step would be to get rid of all your personal items. This includes your blankets, stuffed toys, gadgets, and any possible item that they’re likely to live in. Be sure to secure each one of them in plastic because bed bugs can be easily transferred from one place to another.

Wash Beddings & Linens in Hot Water

This includes other garments you suspect that are infested by these critters. Launder them in hot water (or at a temperature of no lesser than 120°F). Right after washing them, set your dryer to the highest heat and hot dry your garments for around 20 to 30 minutes. This should be enough to kill and eliminate all of them. Normal washing with soap or detergent may not be enough to exterminate them all, so do the dryer trick as a precautionary measure.

Seal, Scrub, & Vacuum

Scrub and vacuum every nook and cranny of your mattress and bedframe. This will not only remove pests, but also ensure that you’re sleeping in a clean and tidy area. Once you’re done, wrap or seal your mattress including your bed’s box spring with bed bugproof encasement to prevent them from growing or living in your bed. For your carpets, it is recommended that you wash, scrub and vacuum them thoroughly or use bed bug control solutions to deter their development. If you worry about the environment, there are home remedies you can try as well.

Call for Exterminator Service

Right before the infestation gets out of hand, the best way to stop it from spreading is to have bed bug control experts in Salt Lake City handle the problem immediately. As they are trained and skilled for this job, they’ll know which would be the fastest way to totally eradicate these creatures. This is why you could never go wrong when you call them for help.

Don’t let the bed bugs disturb your sweet and comfortable living. Learn and take note of these methods so you and your family can enjoy a good and long night sleep.