4 Tips for a More Comfortable Guest Room

Guest RoomHosting family gatherings or having regular visitors during weekends may require making some changes in your home. Other than the kitchen area, you should also take a look at your guest room. As responsible hosts, providing a comfortable space for your visitors is your top priority. To help you out, here are some tips:

  1. Put out a welcome basket

One way to make your guests feel more at home is to offer them some treats and goodies. Fill up a basket with everything they need—from basic bathroom essentials to snacks. You might also want to add some first aid kit, stain sticks, and just everything you think your guests might need. Add a few of their favorite foods into the basket as a personalized surprise.

  1. Provide extra hangers and storage space

Your guests will look for hanging space for their coats and purse. Clear the closet and leave plenty of hangers they can use. There should be available dresser drawers as well. If you think the space is not enough, provide storage containers to keep their belongings clean and safe.

  1. Upgrade the lighting and other fixtures

Soft, low-key lamp shades are an ideal addition to any guest room, especially if your expected visitors love to read or write at night. Sometimes, overhead lights are just too bright. Soft lighting makes a room more comfortable.

Consider replacing old hardware to ensure safety. Take a trip to the nearest hardware or search online for reputable appliance suppliers in Little Rock, AR.

  1. Clear the surfaces

The fastest way to turn a storage room or home office into a comfortable space is to declutter. Remove your personal stuff and other unnecessary items so your guests have some room to unpack and relax. For major renovations, you might want to consult an experienced interior designer or home decorator.

These are some of the things you can do to create a comfortable guest room.  Minor or major renovations, when planned properly, can improve the room and ensure that your visitors enjoy their stay.