4 Ways to Adjust Your Home for a Disabled Loved One

mom with disabled daughterThere are many reasons a person could have mobility problems. It might be because of an accident or because of old age, and caring for a loved one who just started having mobility issues is tough in the beginning.

You’ll need to look for a good wheelchair or a stair lift in Denver that can use to make your home easier to move around in. Ascent Mobility knows that as time passes, things will become easier. Make those first weeks the time for both of you to adjust to your situation.

It’s also the time when you can start changing things around the house to make it more disability-friendly. Here are four ways you can make your home easier to live in for a person with limited mobility.

1. Adjust counters.

Add or change a part of your counter to be easily accessible for someone in a wheelchair. They will have to be lower and should have enough space underneath to fit their legs and maneuver the wheels in.

2. Add features to the bathroom.

You would need to elevate the seats of your toilet. Of course. Installing handlebars is a must. It will aid those having trouble with balance. You can also look into walk-in tubs specifically made for seniors or those with mobility problems.

3. Use extended bath mats.

Most accidents involving seniors happen in the shower. Using bath mats that cover the length of the floor is safer than just having it at the edge of a tub. Make sure they’re non-slip and don’t bunch up with movement.

4. Brighten up your home.

Use brighter bulbs to light up spaces and make vision clearer. That way, one can avoid running into, over, or on things that can cause more injury. You can also install lights that react to touch or sound, so they can turn them on and off without any help.

It will take time and patience and a little getting used to, but seeing your loved one safe, active, and happy will make these adjustments all worthwhile.