5 Basement Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

Home Maintenance Products When it comes to home improvement, many people overlook the basement area. This is probably because it’s not really visible to homeowners. Keep in mind that this is usually where the main pipelines are, which means they are more prone to leak that could lead to costly structural damage.

Follow the maintenance tips below to keep your basement dry and functional.

TIP #1: Install Window-Well Covers

Many residents today are installing window well covers in Colorado. This is the best solution to prevent water buildup and other harmful debris that can cause leaks and basement flooding. Usually made of polyethylene and thermoplastic, these well covers can provide extra support for basement windows.

TIP #2: Repair Gutters and Downspouts

Just like any other area of the house, the basement also relies on an efficient roofing system. Check the condition of the gutters and downspouts. Consider repairing them when necessary. In addition, it should be five meters away from the main building structure. The water should also be directed away from the house.

TIP #3: Use Water Resistant Paint

Invest in high-quality, water-resistant paint for exterior and interior walls. This should provide better coating than the usual paint. Watch out for dings and cracks and be sure to seal them before applying the paint.

TIP #4: Control Airflow and Moisture

Other than using a dehumidifier, you should add more ventilation to improve airflow. Excess moisture can cause mold and mildew growth, which can be harmful to your family, especially the kids. This will also make the area safer; therefore, making it easier for you to do the maintenance jobs.

TIP #5: Add Insulation

Adding an insulation system should keep the basement area dry and safe. This is important to prevent any leakage that can cause more damage to the house. Insulating basement walls can also help cut costs on energy bills during the winter season.

Following these tips can keep your basement in good condition. For better results, consult a professional home builder.