5 Easy Late Summer and Early Fall Home Maintenance Tips

House Exterior in Repair

Late summer and all of the autumn are the ideal times to make sure your home is ready for the winter months. The tasks and chores you complete during this period can help you save on heating costs and prevent major potential issues when temperatures eventually drop.

Here are five inexpensive jobs to help winterize your home.

Schedule Furnace Maintenance

A fall HVAC equipment inspection and tune-up can help prevent a furnace malfunction in the middle of a biting freeze. Remember, furnace technicians are busy in winter and may not quickly respond to your call.

Clean Your Gutters

Dead leaves, twigs, and other muck can clog downspouts and block general water flow. The clogging then forces water to stand in the guttering leading to backups, ice dams, and gutter damage. You need to perform a visual inspection of your gutters to ensure they do not suffer damage or clogging.

Ask a rain gutter repair service here in Salt Lake City to inspect and clean your gutters in early and late fall.

Inspect Your Roof

Make sure all the shingles are there, in good condition and in their proper place. Also, look out for dips or sags that can indicate an issue with the wood underneath the shingles. Make necessary repairs before the storms arrive.

Complete a Home Safety Check

You need to test your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors to ensure they are working as expected. Replace the batteries in these detectors and confirm your fire extinguishers are there and not expired. Also, review your outdoor lighting and make sure it is ready for the dark days ahead.

Check all the outdoor bulbs and fixtures and replace or repair as needed.

Protect Your Plumbing

Insulating your pipes and water lines can help avert frozen pipes and leaks in winter. Removing and draining outside hoses can also prevent frozen pipes. Draining and flushing your water heater can improve the heater’s efficiency and even extend its life.

Winterizing your home is a fundamental home maintenance responsibility. Get busy in summer and autumn to keep your property in good shape during the harsh winter months. All it takes are a few inexpensive chores to get you ready for the cold weather around the corner.