5 Health Benefits of Gardening

Woman Gardening Gardening is good for the health. In 2006, University of Scranton study suggested prolonged light exercise, such as gardening, can burn more calories than a gym session. Gardening may seem easier and lighter to do; the key is the length of its duration. A low-intensity activity like Gardening has a cumulative effect of burning calories.

You may want to consider giving gardening a try and start planting some seeds on raised garden beds from Rainfill Tanks and Curved Roofing Supplies in Perth and enjoy its benefits. Here are four more reasons why gardening is good for you.

Gardening Relieves Stress

People deal with stress every day. As stress becomes one of the causes of chronic diseases, it’s good to prevent or relieve stress. Studies confirm that gardening can reduce stress and attention fatigue.

Better Mental Health

Gardening helps improve depressive symptoms. Different gardening programs improved the quality of life of people with depression, anxiety, and even bipolar disorder. Gardening programs are also given to help people with learning difficulties, veterans and those who are seeking asylum

Weight Loss

It may seem easy, but gardening is an excellent form of exercise. There are a lot of different movements in gardening that can get your heart pumping. Digging, planting, weeding, and other tasks are examples of low-impact exercise that has a cumulative effect on weight loss. Simply put, it’s a relaxing way to lose weight.


Another advantage of gardening is you can eat the food that you grow. It is the freshest and healthiest food you can eat. A light workout partnered with healthy food is a right combination for good health.

Gardening can nourish your mind and body

Gardening is a good activity both for your mind and body. Gardening can help you relax and de-stress with nature while keeping your body active. Gardening will also enable you to nourish yourself with food you grow.