5 Responsibilities of General Contractors

Duties of General Contractor in CentervilleYou can consider consulting with a general contractor if you are concerned about the timely execution of your company’s construction project. Hiring a good general contractor will mean that you can expect a construction project to be completed on time and within budget. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about hiring additional skilled personnel if the situation calls for it; a notable general contractor can take care of that.

Hogan & Associates explains the duties of a general contractor.

Supplying skilled laborers: The contractor you hire will be responsible for supplying you with skilled and semi-skilled labourers for timely execution of the project. Moreover, the contractor will ensure that the laborers adhere to the standard operating procedures of the particular construction site.

Project planning: General contractors will provide a complete overview of the construction project. They will provide you with the project plan, Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), resource allocation, cost, and time estimation.

Evaluating the construction design: The general contractor will interact and discuss with the architect to ensure that the project design makes optimum use of the space available.

Legal compliance: An expert general contractor will ensure that the particular construction project complies with the existing land laws and will acquire the necessary sanctions from the local authorities.

Overall project administration: General contractors are overall responsible for the successful execution of construction projects. Their job does not merely include overseeing the project, but to ensure that the necessary steps are taken for successful completion of the particular construction project.

An expert general contractor will advise you on issues that arise and make corresponding suggestions to fix the problems. So if you are concerned about the progress of a particular construction project, you should definitely consider hiring a general contractor. Just make sure you get someone who’s competent and charges reasonable rates.