5 Steps to a Clean Awning

Clean AwningCleaning your home’s exterior is as important as maintaining the cleanliness of your interior. Your gutters, roof and porches are regularly cleaned as season changes, but how often do you clean your trusty awnings? These awnings help shield your home or your businesses from the scorching Brisbane sun. Despite its important function, one will be surprised to know that awnings in your Brisbane home are easy to maintain. Cleaning them can be done every 6 months or so.

Steps to clean your awnings

  1. Have a sturdy ladder

Good news is you need not remove your awning just to clean it. Have a sturdy ladder to reach the top. Always consider your safety before anything else. 

  1. Remove solid debris

Make sure to clear the awning fabric of any solid debris before making it wet. Doing so can avoid damage and holes to your fabric. Use a brush to remove such particles.

  1. Soap and water solution

Once solid particles are removed, spray a mixture of detergent and water to your fabric and start brushing the dirt off. You may choose to soak the fabric in the solution for a bit to remove dirt easily.

  1. Soft brush

They might be protecting you from the sun and the rain, but fabrics are delicate materials. Make sure to use soft brushes in cleaning your awning so you won't ruin the quality of your awnings.

  1. Air dry

Use a pressure washer to rinse. When clean and done, leave it and allow the air to dry your canopies.

Before you sit back after a hard day’s work, make sure you also clean the overhang. Birds, bees, and other insects tend to use this part as shelter. Make sure to clean it to avoid having a big hive of insects in your awnings.

Cleaning your awnings have never been easier and more efficient.