5 Stubborn Bed Bug Myths, Debunked

Bed bugBed bugs are a nuisance and a public health concern. But there are still many misconceptions about this creepy-crawlies. Here are some of the most stubborn myths about bed bugs.

Having bed bugs in a home is a sign of dirtiness

Clutter offers bed bugs additional hiding spots. However, dirt and grime don’t attract these pests. They are only attracted to warmth, carbon dioxide, and blood. Therefore, a clean house won’t necessarily deter bed bugs.

You can easily eliminate a bed bug infestation with pesticides

Bed bugs know how to hide, reproduce quickly, and develop resistance to treatment methods. So, while pesticides are vital to bed bugs management, you can’t rely on them alone.

Experienced pest exterminators in Salt Lake City rely on a variety of control and monitoring techniques to eliminate bed bugs. The techniques depend on the extent of pest infestation and site-specific challenges.

Keeping the light on prevents bed bugs from coming out

Bed bugs love to hide in dark places. Despite their preference for darkness, however, bed bugs will still come out and bite you even if your bedroom is brightly lit as you sleep.

You should discard infested belongings

Getting rid of bed bugs is difficult. However, do not panic and throw out your infested belongings. A professional can help you treat, clean and save most of the stuff. Throwing things out will only spread the pests.

You can reliably control bed bugs through DIY freezing or heat treatment

While freezing and heat treatment can kill bed bugs, temperature control is crucial. Temperatures must remain either very low or very hot for the required time. Also, many other factors can affect the success of these methods.

Bed bugs are resilient creepy-crawlies. If these creepy-crawlies are bugging you, talk to an experienced exterminator can help control them. A series of diligent treatments will help get the pests out and keep them out.