A New Wave of Modular House Design and Construction

Modular House Want your house built around a tree, right in the middle of a lake or pinned to the edge of a cliff? For the past fifteen years, modular construction has made significant advancements in terms of upgrading its range of customisation options.

Modular homes were once believed to be less safe and less customisable than houses built on-site. Today, modular design has gone a long way in improving its reputation as an eco-friendly, durable method of construction. In fact, the future of residential design lies on these made-to-order, pre-fabricated homes.

The Current State of Modular Construction

Contrary to popular belief, modular construction does not only build houses based from pre-existing designs. In fact, home-buyers now have the option to customise their house from scratch.

It is now possible to live in off-grid locations without worrying about where to get a stable energy source. There are factory-built homes, especially built for remote rural living that can create its own energy, dispose its own waste and collect its own water. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems are also pre-installed.

The manufacturers construct it based on the specifications of the buyer and spatial requirements of the property. Even large manufacturers such as Manor.net.au offer modular homes for sale that allow buyers to make as many alterations as they please.

Recent Trends in Modular Construction

Because of modular construction, it is now easy to live in places that were once deemed uninhabitable. Modular construction allows any type of home fit into its natural environment without hazards and limitations. Architects are also experimenting with materials used in boat-building and aeronautical industries to build highly durable homes that can stand extreme conditions.

Apart from structural integrity, modular design is also improving in terms of aesthetics. Manufacturers now have a variety of designs, ranging from rustic country to luxurious modernist. Long gone are the days of cookie-cutter pre-fabricated homes that were a major drawback to the modular market.

Today, the most breathtaking and imaginative homes are built inside a factory. For people who can afford the best view in the world, it is now possible to deliver a house in pre-made sections complete with furnishings and assemble them on top of a mountain.