A Pairing Game: Garage Doors and Proper Styling

Garage DoorMajority of a home’s features are à la carte in nature — adding value where it is unneeded, but rather wanted. The opposite is true for a house’s floors, walls, doors and stairs (additional floors permitting). Plumbing and electrical wiring also go to that housebuilding set. These are the basics of a modern home; features builders cannot bypass even if they want to.

A Mandatory Welcome

For doors, this fact is truer more so than for other fixtures. While walls and floors can get away with a fresh coat of paint, a new rug, a layer of wallpaper, or furniture whenever there is space, doors are as permanent as the strength of their hinges. People cannot cover a door. They cannot ‘skip’ using it. They cannot live in the house without looking and touching at it across a good fraction of their stay.

The style of a door matters significantly, and the only way to get it right is to exercise a bit of matchmaking.

Open to Ideas

First off, the general rule to picking a door’s design is to consider the theme of your home. Buying constructed homes knocks this responsibility out of a homeowner’s hands, as builders always go for the same colour, material and overall aesthetic of the house (and even the neighbourhood) before fastening a door.

For buyers who want to see their future home rise from scratch, the choice needs to align with all the other aesthetic routes they take. Carriage house or plain panel door designs pair well with old and traditional homes, especially if their material (typically wood) is the exact same as the home’s walls and floors. Modern homes can get away with more options, as metal and glass elements can come and go according to how ‘modern’ the owner intends their house to be.

Finally, plain doors benefit greatly from small accents and decorative hardware. Metal crests or patterns embedded into the door are popular additions. Carving a design into the door itself also helps create a more natural appeal. Professionals from Capital Garage Doors note how automation is changing the way people use doors. Though these systems are more prevalent in garage doors, they say that adding an automation system to a regular door boosts style as well as security.

For the passionate prospective homeowner, designing a house involves a seemingly endless string of stylistic decisions. These choices are of long-term significance; requiring an investment of time, thought and money to satisfy a building’s future occupants for years to come. Buyers allow every single detail to engross them no matter how small. Down to last shingle, the construction of a dream home is anything but a package deal.

Well, except for the doors.