A Quick Guide to Raising Sheep

sheepIn this day when many people have been raising pigs and chickens for profit, it would also be a wise idea to raise sheep and reward soon from it. There are many great benefits to raising sheep compared to other animals. Apart from being easy to handle, they don’t require too much space as they are small, and they’re easy to feed too.

Here are some strategies in raising sheep:

  1. Determine why you want to

You might want to earn a living from the sheep’s meat, milk or wool. After asking yourself why you want to raise one, you have to consider the climate in your place. Choose a breed carefully, as there are different breeds that are appropriate for certain climates and other factors.

  1. Know how many sheep you should buy

Think about your resources. Where you are located and the productivity of your land will indicate how many sheep you can keep. In most situations, it is difficult to earn a lot of money if you’re only raising sheep in a small scale. It is important that you determine the market prices and the possible returns.

  1. Create an appropriate environment for the sheep

Check out how much land you have. Protect the sheep by installing the right fencing. There are many different types, such as fixed knot fencing, hinged joint fencing and ring lock fencing. Some sheep owners prefer to have simple three-sided sheds to protect their sheep from the wind, rain and snow.

  1. Work with a trusted breeder

Buy sheep breeds from certified breeders only. Contact your local or national sheep breeders’ association who can help you in finding the right breeders.

  1. Feed your sheep right

Sheep love apples, peanuts and grains. When feeding them, be careful not to make them think that you are chasing them. Learn how you can lure the sheep in to approaching you. In addition, since sheep eat grass all day, you have to make sure that you have good quality pasture.

  1. Keep the sheep clean and healthy

Practice regular grooming for your sheep to make sure that they are healthy and clean. Do an extensive research for a good commercial worming paste for your sheep and worm them regularly. Ask for a veterinarian’s advice on how you can keep your sheep free from diseases.

  1. Learn how to dock a sheep’s tail

This is important to prevent facial matter from getting on their backside, which can result in fly strike. It is important to check whether there’s a fly strike in your area, and learn how your sheep can avoid this by docking a sheep’s tail.

The key to being successful in raising sheep is arming yourself with the right information. It could be a worthwhile and rewarding experience if you know what to do.