Achieve a Maximalist Interior Without Going Overboard

professionals setting up the wallThe minimalist interior design has been popular for a long time with its clean and laid-back aesthetic. Although “less is more” can still be your style option, you may switch to this style trend: maximalist. Unlike minimalism, this style focuses more on using bold color schemes and fun patterns and textures.

This kind of style, however, can be tricky. You have to be careful to avoid going overboard and fail to achieve your desired result. Here is a guide to achieve a maximalist interior.

1. Play with Wallpaper

Wallpaper Warehouse says that when you’re shopping for wallpaper, you’ll encounter an extensive selection of different colors, patterns, and styles. This is an excellent opportunity to play with a variety of designs for your home.

Using wallpaper allows you to transform your interior without doing a major redo. You can simply use wallpaper in a bold pattern or texture. This is a good start to dive into the maximalist style without purchasing loads of other decorative elements.

You can cover up an entire room with one design or do a different pattern on an accent wall. You can also choose wild designs that create a statement or drama. Think of flowers or geometric figures.

2. Stick with Colors of the Same Family

When you’re switching to a maximalist style, forget about the white-based monochromatic color scheme. Use vibrant colors that belong to the same family. For example, if green is the prominent color of the room, you can complement it with blue, purple, and other cool tones.

You can have a color story guide you in choosing the palette for your home. You can use a combination of warm colors, like orange and yellow, for a strong effect.

3. Use a Variety of Textures

Another way to incorporate maximalism to your interior is by using different varieties of textures. For basic maximalism, you can mix metals, fabrics, and wood tones to show contrast. You can opt for soft throws, a wooden chair, and an animal-print rug, as well.

Layering plays an interesting role in achieving a stylish and cozy maximalist room. Try throwing different fabrics, such as velvet, tweed, and plush synthetics.

Maximalist style offers fun, bold, and colorful characteristics to any room. If you’re up to it, don’t be afraid to try different techniques that will suit your personality and style. You can also seek help from interior designers to help pull the right materials.