Achieving Your Dream Home: It’s Possible with a Little Help

Luxury HouseYou don’t have to buy a new home to achieve the interior setting of your dreams. Luxury custom design has come a long way, accommodating almost every modification conceivable. That means you get exactly what you want, how you want it – and all in your existing home.

You can dress your bathroom with upscale upgrades and add a designer kitchen with laminate cabinets – everything is up to your imagination. Even renovating the exterior to create a venue for social gatherings is a feasible option, even in upscale New York.

The first step to your dream makeover is to find the right contractor, suggests Susan Lang, author of Designing Your Dream Home. After that is a checklist of things you need to remember:

Setting Your Goals

Deciding on your design goals should come first. It’s one thing to visualize what you want to renovate, it’s another to thoroughly go over your home plan and discuss it with your contractor. Once it’s out there, the contractor will provide a detailed proposal to ensure that your choices align with your budget and schedule. Graphic Builders Inc., a general contractor in New York City whose work was featured in numerous publications, says this is important to ensure that you’re getting the highest level of quality at value based pricing.

Gaining Inspiration

Don’t be afraid to be inspired. Check with your builder to see their gallery of previous work and designs, as well as concept ideas. Inspiration goes a long way in helping homeowners realize something they didn’t even know they wanted.

Prioritizing the Less-Prioritized: Lighting

Lighting is responsible for the ambiance of the interior. Decide if you want to enjoy natural morning light in your dining nook, or if you want to install lighting for kitchen countertops to facilitate food preparation and enhance comfort. Lighting can also set the mood. Dimming sconces in the bedroom, for example, can project a feeling of romance and peace. The lesson: don’t hold back on lighting.
As you work with your builder, take your time. Meditate on what you want. It’s far easier and less expensive to be upfront about what you like now than it will be to do another renovation project in the future.