Alternative, Loan-Free Housing Options

Wooden cabin in the forestAustralia’s housing market has been on a down trend for some months now. But, while it may seem a good time to buy a home, you still have your financial status to consider – do you have the necessary funding, or would you have to take out a housing loan?

Before getting saddled with a long-term debt on a traditional house and lot, consider these debt-free alternative housing options to preserve your financial freedom.

Tiny Homes

The Tiny House movement has been making waves across the globe due to its lower cost to build and greater mobility options. You can build your very own Tiny Home or hire builders specialising in micro-living spaces. These homes may be built on wheels, giving you the option of parking and living on properties owned by friends and family, for instance. This frees you from the worry of having to acquire a lot via financing.


If you already own a property in Australia and like the rugged aesthetic of a cabin-style house, Classic Cabins points out that you could consider kit cabins. These pre-engineered yet durable cabin kits come at a lower cost than building a traditional home in Australia. They also present a great option if you are thinking of expanding your existing home. Additionally, since you will be working with pre-fabricated parts, you not only minimise your costs but also the impact on the environment.

Container Homes

Another budget-conscious, eco-friendly option is to use shipping containers to build your very own home. This option likewise comes at a fraction of the price of building or buying a traditional. With a ready and durable structure, all that’s left to do is to install electrical wires, plumbing, insulate and then decorate.

The current housing climate in Australia may provide tempting deals on traditional houses – but this doesn’t mean that you should just jump in and commit to a long-term loan. Maintain your financial freedom and consider some non-traditional housing options, instead.