Beating Summer Heat in Style: Your Sunshine Coast Patio

wooden patio on daylightIt’s summertime and it’s the perfect time to have Sunday barbecues or a delightful afternoon tea on the front porch or backyard. Why not relax on your patio?

Living on the Sunshine Coast, your patio is the place where it’s always tempting to have outdoor activities for you and your family. But for those who still want to escape the heat in style, there are ways you can design your outdoor patio that’ll surely be the perfect summer getaway in your home.

Wooden Patio

Wooden patios make for an open cottage feel that’ll give you comfort all throughout the year. It is, however, essential to weatherproof the wooden floors or otherwise, it’ll crumble when the rains come. One alternative over wooden patios is to use floor tiles that look like wood. That way, it can still give you that appearance and atmosphere of a cottage without you worrying too much about the weather. You could also furnish your wooden patio with an outdoor stone oven or a simple steel grill along with some rugged, old-fashioned furniture.

Natural Stone

Natural stone patios are a good option too. You can choose from marble to simple flagstone, or whatever fits your budget or your taste. What’s great about using natural stone is the earthy aesthetic that goes with any season. Furnish your natural stone patio with wood or steel tables and chairs that contrast with the colours of the natural stone. Black painted steel is a nice option for your furniture needs.

Clay Brick Patios

What’s great about clay bricks is that it is a good idea for a geometric design. It gives not only an earthy aesthetic but also a country and traditional look for your patio. Another great thing about clay brick patios is that they are durable and can last without much maintenance. Their colour won’t fade even after 10 years. Furnish with old-fashioned furniture, and give it a timeless atmosphere.