Big Ideas for Narrow Homes: 3 Ways to Get Creative with Home Designs

Narrow HomeCommon trends in housing these days require the creative use of smaller spaces. The price of land continues to rise, and since not all starting families would want to raise kids in a constricted environment, it pays to have your own house and lot.

Even though the most affordable lots are smaller now, this does not mean that homeowners will have to limit their ideas on how to build their own homes. Here are some things to consider when designing narrow lot house plans.

Make Use of Vertical Space

Urban settings have less land to build on. As such, the challenge for builders is learning how to work with narrow spaces without compromising the design. Instead of the traditional styles of homes, a more modern touch on house design is becoming more prominent.

According to Builders House Plans, modern homes make efficient use of space. One way to do this would be to build up instead of building out. This allows the homeowners to ensure that the house has all the facilities and necessary rooms without adding to the actual footprint of the home.

Narrow lot house plans likewise have the advantage of being drafted from the ground up. This means that the actual design is tailored for the available space and with the right direction from the homeowners.

Modern Style Can Work Best

Open homes are a great concept to follow when it comes to narrow house lots. Without walls that separate relatively spacious areas of the home, such as living room and dining rooms, the home appears even bigger than it actually does.

An open house concept allows natural light to go into the house and illuminate the different areas. It's likewise an energy-saver, especially for those who tend to use air conditioning frequently.

Smart Storage, More Space

Another good secret to making efficient use of space with narrow lot house plans is to use smart storage spaces. This is where built-in cabinets and transforming furniture can be of most use.

Some houses can make use of a lot as small as 700 square feet and still have all the appliances and furniture needed in the home. Built-in cabinets take up less space, while transformable furniture, such as beds that can fold up into desks, will make better use of the space in a room.

Even a narrow home can even have its own greenery. A good use of windows is to put plants in boxes that can overhang on the side of the building. Not only does it add some semblance of a garden in your home, but also adds charm to the home.

These are only some of the advantages that homeowners can enjoy even with a small lot space to work with. It's best to consult with a professional home designer to maximise the space and create a design that fits perfectly for your family.