Blocked Drains: Unclogging Tests You can Perform

Woman with PlungerIt always seems like whenever something important is coming up, your stuff at home begins to have problems. Like that time you come home tired from work, you just want to eat and clean up in peace. Then, your sink decides that it is the best time to have clogged drains. You end up feeling frustrated that you just throw the towel in and call it a night. Clogged drains, however, rarely fix themselves. It will keep remaining in that state until you do something about it.

Before you think about getting a professional to fix your blocked drains in Brisbane, you might want to see if you can easily fix it yourself. Here are some ways to test if it is a simple clog.

The Plunger Test

Nothing can escape the power of the plunger when it comes to removing a blockage. The tool works on creating a force to provide movement into the drain and suck out everything that is in the way. You might be in for a surprise when the stuff comes out. When you have removed all the small debris that rose from the surface and there is still difficulty flushing everything down, you may need to go to the next step.

The Hot Water Test

Sometimes, whatever is clogging in your sink may have rooted itself deeply into the walls. It can stick together no matter how much force you put into it. Some of them may have even hardened over time that it is like pulling a rock out of the pipe. Using hot water, you can dissolve anything blocking the drain or, at least, soften the material. You need to pour it all in and wait for a few minutes before trying to flush it with cold water.

When you find your sink still having problems after these tests, it is time to get the help of a plumber.