Brick or Concrete Pavers? Check the Quality, Cost and Design

Worker laying brick pavementIf you are working on your property’s landscape design and are now looking for a way to enhance the curb appeal, paver walks will make an excellent choice. However, you will need to choose between brick and concrete pavers if you insist on using one type of material for your paving products.

So, What Comes First Here?


Typically, besides coming up with the architectural blueprint, the completion of construction projects depend on proper financing. Therefore, after confirming the prices of the paving products you can use, determine how much will go into buying, shipping and installing the pavers.

However, consult with your paving products supplier in NSW first to determine whether your budget can cover the use of brick pavers or concrete pavers. Consider the current concrete and brick prices when making a decision.


Consulting a professional landscape designer will help you come up with the most appropriate paving design that will best match that of other structures in your compound. You will likewise need to mark the areas that experience high foot traffic. With these, you will need to ask your paving products supplier to recommend specialty pavers that are more durable than the conventional ones.

You can also use different paving designs as long as they will deliver the functionality you want to achieve with the pavers.


The durability of the paving products will depend on the manufacturing and packaging processes that the manufacturer uses for each material, be it concrete or clay for the bricks. You can likewise confirm from other projects that have used these two types of paving slabs to determine the service life of the different pavers.

The quality of your paving products will determine their price, durability, and the different designs into which you can mould them. Consulting the supplier before placing your order will help you find pavers that will best match your home’s exterior design and fall within your budget.