Bright Future: Your Future with LED Lights

led lightsThe country’s lighting industry is under the close watch of the Lighting Council Australia, which advocates the use of environment-friendly, energy efficient, quality lighting systems. The organisation’s members include manufacturers and suppliers of lamps, control devices, luminaires, solid-state lighting and related technologies.

One of the key issues of today’s lighting market the organization is looking into is the use of LEDs or light-emitting diodes. Here are the benefits of LED:

Energy Efficiency

As compared to traditional lighting bulbs, the use of LED can save up to 80-90% energy use, with 80% of the electrical energy converted to light, while the remaining 20% converted into heat. They also last 25% longer than the conventional lighting.

Environment Friendly

According to the report published by the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and N14 Energy Limited, a company based in the UK, LED bulbs are healthier for the environment. Researchers evaluated the environmental impact of LED, inclusive of its potential effect on global warming. Their final analysis revealed that these are substantially more environmentally friendly than its traditional incandescent counterpart.

Economically Beneficial

The use of these lights brings significant economic benefits. Take the case of lighting a room: it used to require 60 watts, but with LED it will only need 3 watts to light a room. That’s a 95% reduction. Imagine how much electricity bill savings you get from that.

There is a bright future for the continued use of LED with different products. Today, it is already useful in traditional lighting as bulbs and light bars for vehicles. says LED light bar bulbs light all types of areas to avoid road hazards. It is also useful in sustainable public lightning across Australia.

The promises of LED technologies will continue to benefit mankind. Take advantage of its many benefits by looking for different products using LED.