Broken Garage Door Springs: The Massive Damages they Can Deal

Old garage doorYour garage door is the biggest single movable component of your home, and one of the heaviest. Whether manual or powered by electricity, you need to make certain that all of its parts function adequately and optimally, particularly the springs.

Always keep in mind that malfunctioning garage doors do not just pose security threats; they can also bring significant damage, and worse, safety dangers.

As such, you should understand the extreme importance of calling a licensed and qualified technician such as Expert Garage Doors to repair the broken garage door springs in your Salt Lake City home as soon as possible.

What causes garage door springs to break in the first place?

There are many different reasons garage door springs break. For instance, extreme heat (or cold) can put unnecessary stress on the springs, forcing them to break. Of course, normal wear and tear can set in (faster with improper use), resulting in the breakage of the springs.

Whichever of the above-mentioned situations happens to you, know that a broken spring can most likely make the door non-functional. No matter how hard you try, you can no longer close or open the door once a spring breaks.

The dangers broken springs bring

When the garage door no longer opens or closes, and you have already established that a broken spring has rendered it inoperable, call a repair technician right away. Stay away from the door and make sure that no one or nothing stands near or right under it.

The door can give in and collapse, crushing anyone or anything beneath it. Remember: this part of your home weighs a ton, so when it falls rapidly, its weight can cause serious injuries or property damage.

There is also the security issue of a malfunctioning door that no longer closes. Unscrupulous individuals can use this as an opportunity to carry out their criminal acts, so have a professional fix the spring right away.