Carport as a Multi-Purpose Addition to a House

Carport next to a houseHomeowners these days are opting for carports instead of garages. Of course, there are new developments that have garages, but there is a growing popularity of carports. In Brisbane, Australia, home carports come in different designs and styles. These are usually built after the main structure. Homeowners love the benefits offered by carports. These include affordability, safety and security.

Protection and Security

A carport provides shade for cars, RVs or boats. Excessive exposure to UV rays can cause the vehicle’s colour to fade. The heat from the sun can also have long-term effects on the paint job, resulting in paint cracking and peeling. Other than protecting the vehicle against the sun, the carport roof serves as a shield against rain, snow and sleet. Whilst a carport is not covered on all sides, it still provides enough protection against the elements.

A carport is a more affordable alternative to a garage. Because it is cheaper, a homeowner can have a carport for two vehicles at the same cost as a one-car garage. Children can play under the shade of the carport. Adults can entertain their friends there as well.


When you park inside a carport, you do not need to open a garage door. In most instances, the carport is attached to the house, so you can enter almost immediately. This provides additional security. A carport with walls can also provide additional space for boxes, tools and other storage units. These boxes can also be organised to serve as temporary storage solutions instead of renting a storage unit.

A carport is a great addition to a house. It is designed to keep a vehicle safe from the elements. Start looking for a reliable supplier or builder of carports in your location today to enjoy the benefits in no time.