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3 Signs that Your Kitchen Needs a Makeover

May 21, 2015

Are you wondering why you feel gloomy and tired every time you go to the kitchen? Maybe it’s the old and rotting wooden countertops or the poor lighting that turns your mood sour. Whatever the […]

allen wrench
The Reconstruction

Allen is a Tool That Everyone can Use

March 30, 2015

If being a superhero didn’t work out for Bruce Wayne he’d probably help Gotham City by becoming a vigilante plumber, because they have almost just as many tools as the caped crusader on their belts. […]

Metal Roof
The Reconstruction

Metal Roof: The Versatile and Flexible Option

March 13, 2015

Metal is the most versatile building material on earth. It is capable of achieving more challenging and complex architectural designs than other materials.  Aesthetically, metal complements many styles, including centuries-old designs and contemporary homes. This […]

Incandescent LED Lightbulb
The Reconstruction

Join the March Towards Sustainability at Home

January 23, 2015

All around the world, millions are starting to join the march to reduce carbon footprint. It’s because carbon emissions are still growing. In fact, a report by the Global Carbon Project suggested that the total […]