Cheaper is Better in Student Accommodations

Studying abroad on a shoestring budget is a little tricky. There are stories of students and scholars running out of money and helplessly taking up odd jobs just to have enough cash on them.

What if the only time left from all the studying is the hours allotted for sleep? One can’t go on studying without any rest. Your grades suffer. The entire purpose of going abroad to learn and explore ultimately becomes pointless. What if you are a student in one of the most expensive cities in the world such as London? Things become even trickier.

apartmentSurvive London as a student, and here is how:

Learn to Make a Budget Plan

The first thing to do of course is to learn to budget the money. Balance your needs versus wants, and what you can let go and what you can’t do without.

Food is of course a necessity, and so are books. This leaves saving money on digs. While comfort and safety are very important, avoid paying a steep rent as much as you can.

Find Inexpensive Accommodations

In London, there are affordable but comfortable and safe housings for students. As the world puts London in high esteem for its excellent higher education, there are numerous student or transient accommodations in London that are within your budget.

Universities themselves recommend affiliated or in-campus billeting, such as dorms and student housing. This means less money and time spent on travel, due to its relative proximity to the classrooms, laboratories and libraries.

Looking Beyond the Campus

An option is to find student accommodation outside the university. The price of off-campus lodging varies, but an advantage of actually living in the city is the experience and the freedom it imparts to the student. Here, one experiences London as a resident. This choice takes more guts, but in the end, it offers excitement and is satisfying.

Finding student accommodation in London is not a problem, as there is a bevy of choices. It all depends on your budget, your schedule, and more often than not, your character.