Choosing Exteriors: How to Choose the Right Paint Job for your Home

House exterior on a paint jobYour guests would spend more time inside your home than outside. Thus, it is not a surprise on why people invest their time, effort, and money on improving their home interiors. But, just because people spend more time inside, does not mean you should neglect your exteriors.

Your home’s exterior is the facade that leaves the first impression to both your guests and passersby making it an important element of your home.

One of the tricky parts when it comes to your exteriors is finding the right paint colour. Professional exterior painters such as Gavin Chan Decorators Limited would be able to help you in making the decision. But as a homeowner, here are some of the helpful things you should keep in mind.

Consider the staples

Your chimney, pathways, and driveways are just among the staples in your home. No matter how much you renovate your place, these things would remain the same. Keeping the characteristics of these things in mind can help you narrow down your choices.

Find shades that would complement what your home has.

Keep in mind the architectural style and history

Every home has a different style, and you should not overlook this when one is choosing an exterior paint. If your home has a historical touch (i.e. Victorian), then choose from the appropriate colours meant for such home styles.


Paint a part of your home with your chosen colour and observe in at different times of the day. Doing so can help you have a glimpse of how it would look like on your home when lighting plays its role.

Invest in quality

Paints are not only there to bring colour to your homes. Most of the time, they also offer an extra layer of protection. Invest in good quality paints and see it last you almost a lifetime.

Keep your home beautiful inside out. Take note of these tips and be able to find the best shade of colour for your home easily.