Choosing Sidings for Your Home

Exterior Sidings Choosing the right exterior siding for your house is crucial. The right sidings do not just establish the outside appearance of the house, but also provides the right protection your house needs.

Interestingly, commercial buildings can also benefit from the technology of the coating of these sidings, as there are anti-graffiti vinyls produced by However, let’s focus on those used on residential properties. Here are the six types of sidings most people use:

  1. Vinyl siding

This is best for people who are looking to make their own siding. There are different colours and styles of vinyl siding you can choose from making it popular among home owners. However, its “plastic” looking appearance is a setback because most people, even professionals, find it not that appealing.

  1. Wood siding

Wood siding is easy to install due to its lightweight. A simple cut and crop, then nail, will already let you have the wood siding however you want it be. It comes in various types that you can choose from but consider the availability of the wood you chose in your area.

  1. Brick siding

When talking about long lasting kind of siding, bricks have been proved to age against the time and weather. This may be more expensive compared to the others due to the heavy work in installation, but it is worth it since it can last a lifetime especially when installed the right way.

  1. Fibre cement siding

This is a good choice against termites and pests. It has a texture just like that of a wood and is resilient on cracks, deformation, and decomposition. Other textures are also available but those factory finished are the best pick.

  1. Stucco siding

The classic style of stucco siding consists of a building sand, a special kind of cement, lime, and then water. These materials make this siding rigidly solid, so installation must be done cautiously. This way, it avoids undesired cracks and fractures on the surface.

  1. Stone and stone-veneer siding

Stone and stone-veneer siding must the one of the most expensive among all sidings because of its durability and appeal to homeowners. It can also be hard to install especially on already standing homes.

As a home owner, you should take care of your house inside out. Whatever kind of siding you choose, it needs proper maintenance for it to last long whether it was cheap or not.