Classic Home Features You Can Add to Your House

Exterior Renovation of a Modern HouseCompare a home from the 1990s and to the homes now, and you can sense a lot of things have changed. That said, many things from old houses still work in the contemporary designs of homes. Here are some of them.

Use Timber for Your Stairs

Timber was, for a time, the main material used for making stairs. Now, however, steel and concrete have overtaken timber. But, we would argue that there is value in using wood for stairs. Not only is it safer, but it is also easier to replace should it suffer damage.

Always go for a service that can install timber stairs in your New Zealand home.

Book Nooks for Avid Readers

Book nooks went off the trend a few years ago when eBooks became popular, and people started reading while lying down. But with the resurgence of physical book copies also comes the comeback of book nooks as a home feature.

It does not even have to be near the windows like the book nooks in the past. Just make sure it is comfortable enough so readers can find solace in the pages.

Storage Through a Hidden Pantry

This was a fad a few years ago, but it is quite useful. Think of it as a hidden preparation kitchen unless you already know what is inside the cabinet door. The pantry itself can be just a small room of less than 100 square feet.

Family Bonding Place Through a Porch

If you are planning to bond with your family, the porch is as good a place as any, especially when it is overlooking the beach.

In conclusion, homes evolve, but there are some trends in the design retained by today’s residences. The ones listed above are a perfect example of this.