Common Water Heater Problems That Require Immediate Repair

Man checking a water heaterYour water heater is probably the most expensive component of your plumbing system. Most problems are easy to find and fix before the water heater breaks down in the middle of the night.

Below are some of the problems that should prompt you to call a plumber for immediate water heater repair in Orem.

Temperature Issues

You might realize that sometimes, your water is too hot or not hot enough. Recognizing this problem early enough will help you get the thermostat on the unit adjusted or replaced. For most households, the ideal water temperature is between 120° and 140°. If you notice that there is no hot water coming from your tank at all, then it’s possible that your heating element is worn out or broken. Allow a plumber to fix it immediately to restore hot water supply. 

Audible noises

There’s nothing as annoying as a water heater tank that knocks, whines, creaks, or bangs. Most of these noise problems are a result of the sediment that has built up inside the tank, or when the heating element is burning away. Flushing out the tank by yourself is not enough to get rid of the noises for good. A professional repair service can help eliminate your water heater noise problems permanently.

Sometimes, you might realize that your water heater does not seem to function properly. When this happens, ensure that you get a professional plumber to identify whether it is time to install a new water heater.

Mostly, three factors determine whether your water heater needs replacement: old age, leakage, and demand. Regular maintenance will keep your heating system in good working condition. If you think your water heater needs immediate servicing, call an experienced HVAC technician right away.