Deciding Between Concrete and Wooden Balustrades

BalustradesA classy chap can tell the difference between a house made with modern styles in mind versus one made for classic purposes. There’s a way to get your home get that classic feel—you can take a look at various balustrading options Perth stores offer.

You can place two kinds of balustrades, depending on material, that you can place in your home: wooden and concrete balustrades. One or the other may not be a perfect fit, though,so before you buy, read the following tips from

Consider the Temperatures in Your Home

In Australia, the temperatures can get to the extremes, and there are areas in the country where it can get rather dry.This would affect whatever balustrade you have installed. Wood may last in these extreme conditions, but only for so long.

On the other hand, if you are placing a balustrade in an area flooded with sunlight, concrete balustrades may not be a very good idea. Concrete retains heat and if you are planning to place plants near these balustrades, they may not fare very well with the balustrade releasing heat during the night.

Consider the Elements

There are things in your home that could affect your balustrade, as well. For example, when you want to use it as fences for a stairway, wooden balustrades may fare better. Prevent it from being wet,though. Wood can only take so much moisture before it becomes mouldy or affected with fungi, but if you have children in the household, this can get a little difficult.

The case is different with concrete balustrades, although rough handling can damage them.

In the end, your choice of balustrades boils down to what fits the appearance of your home. Wooden balustrades are more apt for stairways and indoor locations—concrete balustrades are obviously more at home if placed outside of the house.