Decorating a Small Apartment: Simple Tricks, Great Results

Small ApartmentYou do not need to compromise style and comfort just to give way to interior space. With a bit of creativity, resourcefulness and flair, you can definitely turn that small apartment into your very own mansion.

Whether you have a single or two-bedroom apartment in Brisbane, gives you the following advice:

Keep colours light.

Avoid using dark paint or wallpaper, as they can make the space look even smaller. Open up your apartment by using light colours, such as pastels. They will make any cramped room appear bigger and brighter. Install large mirrors if your apartment does not have any windows, as mirrors create the illusion of space.

Match your curtains with your walls.

Another trick to extend the space in your apartment is to use matching curtains. This will create an unbroken line, making an illusion that the room is bigger than it actually is. Avoid heavy fabrics, as they will block the light. Remember, you want to create an illusion that the room is light and airy.

Use scaled-down and mobile furniture.

Choose furniture that has narrower width instead of bulkier pieces. These types of pieces do not take up much space and are mobile. As such, you can easily move them from one room to another as needed. This is quite convenient, particularly when you have company—simply roll away your table and lay down a futon.

Lay on the layers.

Want to give a luxurious feel to your bedroom? Add layers of linen and pillows with interesting colours and patterns. This design strategy can actually make your room seem bigger while adding depth. The trick is to keep the colours and patterns harmonious. Choose colours that are not too dark—if you must, contrast it with lighter shades or even with white.

With these simple tips and tricks, you can definitely turn any small apartment into a humble castle. It may not be as big as others are, but it is a place that you can call home.