Designing a Living Area That is Entirely You

big living room

The living area of your home is usually the room your guests initially see upon entering your residence. Make them feel welcome and at the same time impressed by your cosy and elegant living room setting.

Here are some simple tips on how to accomplish this:

Pick a Colour Scheme

Beautiful looking living rooms are distinctive for their colour schemes. To create your own scheme, start by choosing a main colour; this could be something that you like most. Then, choose another colour that complements the first.

For accent colours, refer to the colour wheel and choose the ones next to your second colour. Accent colours are perfect for the fabrics and other decors. Do not forget about the walls and the windows as well. Hardwood windows, for instance, complement neutrals such as white and grey.

Before choosing a set of colour, though, note that the hues you see in your mind may look quite different as actual paint. It is best to visit a paint store or a local home improvement shop to look at sample colour chips. This will let you see how colours translate in the real world.

Plan the Layout

Decide on the items you like to place in your living room and arrange them accordingly. Begin by choosing a central point in the room and set up the furniture around it. Instead of moving things about, just draw your layout on a piece of paper. Mark the location of entryways and windows, taking note of the size, height, and distances from each other.

Traditional living room designs follow certain sets of colours and design. You can always trust your instincts, however, in adding as many colour combinations as you please, or in choosing tables and chairs that are not of the usual shapes. To create a design uniquely yours, feel free to disregard tradition.