Designing the Country Style Kitchen of Your Dreams

KitchenCountry style homes have been around forever—from the classic Australian farmhouse to the quaint French country style. And, everyone knows that the kitchen plays a huge part as the heart of any country style home. If you’re looking to have that country feel to your kitchen or update your existing one, shares some basic yet very crucial considerations below.

Country Style Kitchen Décor

Kitchens in country style homes lean towards unpretentious design, natural materials, and warm, inviting colour combinations. Chairs, cabinets, and tables are usually made of hardwood. Various knick knacks are important to tie in the country theme throughout the kitchen. Storage, appliances, and cooking implements are also vital elements, with the sink playing an important role in your farmhouse kitchen.

The classic country sink has a wide, deep basin that is normally constructed from stainless steel or porcelain and is highly able to cater to your family’s cleaning and cooking requirements. Classic farmhouse sinks provide an excellent combination of functionality and style, which makes them perfect for homeowners who are looking to craft a remarkable centerpiece for their country kitchens.

Your Kitchen Layout is Everything

Appliances, fixtures, and fittings are not the only elements you’ll need to keep in mind when you design your farmhouse kitchen—more importantly, you must plan the layout first. Although often overlooked, your kitchen’s layout is critical because of all the prep work, cleaning, cooking, and entertaining you’ll be doing in your kitchen.

For example, you should ensure that that there’s sufficient space so that people can move about the room freely while cooking, prepping meals and such. Also, you’ll need to make sure that there’s adequate distance between your cabinetry and your island, so that people will be able to pass comfortably by each other when carrying hot items and knives.

Other Important Factors to Consider

During your kitchen’s design process, don’t just focus on how great it should look—but more importantly, how you’ll utilise it. To illustrate, maybe you want a huge centre island with ample working surface and seating so that lots of people can gather while cooking and eating together. Remember, a country kitchen is not only beautiful, but is also multipurpose and functional.