Dissecting the Structure and Function of Solar Window Anti-Glare Film

Anti-glare filmUltraviolet rays can be harmful with continuous exposure and damage to property as well. You can protect yourself and your family from the harmful effects of too much such exposure with products such as solar anti-glare film. Allow us to explain to you in more detail how a thin layer of polyester can protect your family, home, and vehicle from sun damage.

Blocking and reflection of sunlight

Dyed or non-reflective tinting products absorb solar energy while metallised or reflective products reflect and absorb the sun’s rays. If you place a high-performance film on the window of your car, you will notice that the interior does not heat up as much after leaving it parked outside. Without protection, the vehicle’s interior temperature can reach up to 35 degrees Celsius in 60 minutes. This is due to solar radiation, which heats up the surfaces as well as the air itself.

Meanwhile, reflective polyester films covering the windows that receive direct sunlight at home can prevent as much as 99 percent of ultraviolet radiation. The window tinting also reduces glare, which makes the room usable during the hottest time of the day. Products containing ultraviolet inhibitors can reject the harmful radiation by as much as 100 percent, Cleargard Australia explains.

How does solar window film work?

In order to reflect heat and glare back to the atmosphere effectively, window film manufacturers squeeze a number of layers into what looks like a single layer. Aside from the protective liner, which you discard when the film is ready for installation, a standard film consists of an adhesive layer, a polyester layer, and a coating to protect the exposed surface. The polyester layer contains dyes and metals designed for heat absorption and reflection.

We can see visible light from the sun, and we know that it is the source of energy for life on earth. The other components of sunlight are invisible to humans. These are infrared and ultraviolet radiation. Protect your family and home with a high-quality solar anti-glare film.