DIY Plumbing Disasters: Why You Need to be Extra Careful

DIY PlumbingDo-it-yourself home projects have risen in popularity and in numbers. As the Internet brims with information, almost anyone can search for instructions about DIY work. Some of the most common DIY tasks many Australian homeowners attempt are those related to their home’s plumbing system.

While a successful DIY project can bring pride and joy to the person who completed it, this does not necessarily mean that you should try everything on your own. As research points, more than 25,000 cases of hospitalisations have occurred because of injuries sustained during unsupervised DIY work.

While it is fine for you to replace those faulty taps and showerheads, this should be the extent of your DIY projects. If you try to do complicated ones, you may experience the following:

1. Premature damage to pipes

Commercial pipe cleaners always come with a limit-of-use disclaimer. Too much of these chemical solutions can eat away at your pipes. No matter how durable the metal or PVC pipes may be, the chemicals may still incur damage to these parts.

The results can be disastrous – burst pipes that often lead to flooding and water damage. The worst part is you may easily miss these problems because most pipes are located in not-so-visible places. You will need 24 hour plumber Perth services to handle these problems.

2. Flooding and water damage

Apart from premature pipe damages, replacing pipes with the wrong size and type can also lead to leaks and indoor flooding. Just because a pipe seems to fit with the rest does not mean it is the right one.

3. Electrocution

You may also be at risk of electrocution when you do your own plumbing repairs. This is particularly true when dealing with electrical water heaters and coolers. One wrong touch of a wire might cause you electric shocks.

Nothing is wrong with DIY projects as long as you know what you are doing and you are taking extra precautions. If you have no prior experience to this kind of work, it is best to call the professionals and let them take over.